Sotnik Leaves Russia

I have been posting translations and summaries of pieces by Sasha Sotnik here for awhile now. As time has gone on, his comments on the situation in Russia have become more and more bleak. Even so it came as a bit of a surprise to read today that he is joining the ranks of those who are leaving Russia.

Rosbalt reports:

The famous Russian writer, publicist, and political scientist Alexander Sotnik is leaving Russia for Georgia because of continued threats.

According to the writer, he has not emigrated, and is not running away from the country, but hopes to return to Russia soon. The journalist in an interview released on YouTube said he did not intend to ask for political asylum.

According to Sotnik, soon the situation in Russia will change, because “Russia is a country of surprises”.

RFE/RL wrote:

Aleksandr Sotnik said he had received threats in a telephone call.

“We are going to tolerate you until October and after that we will transfer you to a vegetable department,” Sotnik quoted the unknown caller as telling him.


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