Milov on the Shifting Cadres

Opposition politician Vladimir Milov had this to say about the games the Kremlin is playing with shifting the cadres around.

Frankly speaking, many have been asking me in the last few days what I think about all of these rearrangements -[former head of the Presidential Administration] Volodin to the Duma, [former Duma Speaker] Naryshkin to the SVR [Foreign Intelligence Service], [former SVR chief] Fradkov to Russian Railways, etc.

I can come up with just one word: MEANINGLESS. It is absolutely meaningless to transplant long well-known speakers’ asses from one chair to another. No matter how much I look, I cannot see in this rotation any forward strategy. It does not really matter that a talking ass from this list will sit in any chair. I do not see any reason to somehow seriously accept these shifts.



One thought on “Milov on the Shifting Cadres

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