Russian Apathy 2

Russians living abroad may soon be required to report to the government on their financial activities in other countries.

The Moscow Times reports:

Under current laws, citizens stop being “currency residents” after living abroad for one year or more but the new law will apply to all citizens, regardless of how long they have lived outside of Russia and on what grounds.

Such currency residents must adhere to Russian finance law, including, within a month of moving, informing the tax service of bank accounts opened and providing information annually of funds moving through their foreign accounts, RBC reported.

The law would thus also prohibit Russians living abroad from performing a range of financial transactions, for example, transferring funds from the sale of property anywhere in the world to a foreigner…

Former Russian MP Dmitry Gudkov blamed Russian apathy for this proposed law.

This law will most likely not affect you. It degrades the life of only 2 million Russians – a trifle against the backdrop of our size. But if you happen to live permanently abroad (not necessarily in Europe, just the CIS will suffice), and decide at some point to return to Russia, you will have to report to the tax authorities. About your accounts, large purchases, sales, in general, you will need a little more for the State.

But again, this will hardly impact any of you: you are not the 1.5 percent, but the 98.5 percent.

You are not affected by the law of scoundrels [referring to the 2012 Dima Yakovlev law that banned foreign adoptions]: you are not an orphan. The Yarovaya package is also not about you: you are not a child, not a missionary, or a cellular company. The fight against extremists – so who saw them? The war with Ukraine? Beat the fascists. The foreign currency residents? F*** them.

And freedom meanwhile [is taken away] piece by piece. At first these, then those, and we are not concerned, except that payment for capital repairs… Only here you cannot go (although we are not the security services)… but then the salary falls… and jobs are cut…

But what are some foreign currency residents?


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