Extremism in an Arbitrary System

Popular Russian blogger Anton Nosik was declared guilty of extremism by a court in Moscow yesterday.

“Nosik committed acts aimed at inciting hatred and hostility toward… “Syrians”…” the court declared.

Nosik was charged with violating of Russia’s Criminal Code on “incitement of hatred, hostility, and humiliation of human dignity”.

Nosik had, according to RFE/RL, written his blog post shortly “after Russia launched a campaign of air strikes in Syria on September 30, 2015.”

“In his blog post, Nosik said he “warmly welcomes” any bombing in Syria regardless of the loss of civilian life or infrastructure because he deems Syria a threat to Israel.”

Prosecutors had demanded a sentence of two years in prison. The court instead fined him half a million rubles ($8,000).

Nosik wrote on his blog from the courtroom, pointing out the arbitrariness of a system that found another blogger guilty for criticizing the Russian Regime’s bombing campaign in Syria. Decisions, he continued, are made ahead of time, and even proclaimed on TV. No effort was made to prove his intent, he wrote, and how could the prosecution have done so? Meanwhile, he says, neither his original post nor reprints of it have not been deleted from the internet.


Anatoly Kapustin wrote on Facebook:

Interesting numbers:

In order to pay back one (1) day of the Russian war in Syria Nosik should be fined 373 times more

Nosik’s 500,000 rubble fine is the approximate cost of 4 minutes of the Russian war in Syria.


A flight to Syria, according to RBC estimates, costs about 3.5 million, all sorties were 13,000, the dead civilians, according to some estimates, are more than 9,000.

It appears that for the money raised from Nosik, you could kill about 0.1 Syrian civilian. He, I think, would like for it to be more.



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