The Russian Regime is ratcheting up on both its rhetoric and actions in the last few weeks leading up to the US presidential election. The Moscow Times reports:

Russian state television has lashed out at the United States in a blistering campaign against Washington policy in Syria and eastern Europe.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov began the anti-American tirade on “Sunday Time” (Voskresnoe Vremya) on Channel One, accusing the United States of threatening Russia’s national security.

Flagship news program Vesti Nedeli continued the theme, announcing that “relations between Russia and the United States have taken a long-expected turn for the worse.”

Meanwhile, Mikhail Gorbachev came out today to entreat both sides to start talking again about nuclear disarmament.

There has been a collapse of mutual trust [between Russia and the United States.] I believe that we need to resume talks across the agenda, and on the nuclear issue above all,” he said.

Essentially, Gorbachev is playing “good cop” to the Kremlin’s “bad cop”.

Gorbachev’s plea brought to mind Ivan Preobrazhansky’s appeal last week to stabilize the situation.

The statements of Russian diplomats are increasingly similar to analogous statements of their Iranian colleagues. Recall, only recently, before most of the US sanctions against Iran were cancelled, the US was regularly called “the empire of Satan”.

There are, however, abstract conciliatory statements. They are clearly not addressed to the current US administration in the White House, but can be actualized after the new president comes to power. Moscow will not be difficult if you want to give it a gift.

Whoever comes to power – Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, either of them will be quite easy against the backdrop of the current almost complete cessation of cooperation with Moscow to demonstrate excellent diplomatic skills, achieving normalization of relations. Moreover completely without concessions by the US.

He concludes:

However, the freezing of relations between Russia and the West is increasing at an acculturated pace. And then, in order to “warm up” literally the last few days of curtailed contacts and to restore confidence, it will take more than one year, or even a decade – as we saw with the historical experience of the USSR.

Let’s work together, guys, or else… Or else we will get World War Three, apparently.


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